Alison Damonte, Design Sleuth

I met interior designer Alison Damonte through my pal Molly Thomas at WRNS Studio. Or I met her through her husband photographer Bruce Damonte. Or I met her at some […]

Design Hospitality at Placewares

Shev Rush and Kevin Lane took over Placewares from founders Maynard and Lu Lyndon in early 2016. I was asked to write about the store for the Sea Ranch publication, […]

Bhutan’s Buddhist Architecture

Laura Blake is an architect with an independent practice in San Francisco. She has degrees in art history and architecture and was the writer and photographer for a recent book […]

San Francisco Stories: A Conversation with J.K. Dineen

JK Dineen looks and sounds like a journalist. Boston Irish. He’s not very pressed, his red hair is a little messy, you know he probably wants a cigarette, and a […]

Remembering Agnes Martin

The Tate Museum in London is showing a large retrospective of the work of American painter Agnes Martin until October 11, 2015. The exhibition will continue to Dusseldorf, New York, […]

Lonnie Holley

Artist Lonnie Holley works in a variety of forms and materials. His first pieces were sandstone carvings, tombstones for two of his sister’s young children, who had died in a […]

J. John Priola Part Two

In Part One, J. John Priola talked about his growing up and early work. In Part Two, we talk about his more mature work. He put out a number of […]

Setting It Up

An Interview with photographer J. John Priola – Part 1 An exhibit of J. John Priola’s recent photographs just opened at the Paule Anglim Gallery. The show, “Nurture,” reveals the […]

Welcome to Frazierville: Part Two

Q: So much of your work is about distillation. And even though you’ve distilled it really far, there are multiple meanings to be found in the simplest of illustrations. Are […]

Welcome to Frazierville: A Conversation with Illustrator and Author Craig Frazier

Craig Frazier is an illustrator. Most of his work is by commission. But when you look at his collected work, it feels like the oeuvre of an observant illustrator/writer/artist. You […]

Liam Everett

Untitled (Cahors) 26″x21″ It was hard to stay ahead of artist Liam Everett in our recent conversation at Paulson Bott Press where he was making a series of new intaglio […]

A Conversation with Fred Fisher

Fred Fisher is well known among the cognoscenti of American architecture. In addition to renovating noted buildings by A. Quincy Jones, he has designed numerous projects for the Annenberg philanthropies […]

Living More Fully in the Present by Living in the Past?

A Interview with “Man of War” Author Charlie Schroeder I met Charlie Schroeder a few times in Los Angeles through my friend Ian Helfer. The first time I saw him, […]

When Place Means Flint

A Conversation with Gordon Young, the author of Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City Journalist Gordon Young escaped Flint, Michigan, and eventually found himself able to purchase a modest cottage […]

Art from the Ruins

A Conversation with Artist Aaron Moran A few years ago I took an extension class at the SF Art Institute about creating art from scrap. The truth is I took […]

God or Gardening – Part 2

An interview with Graham Cousins  This is the second half of an interview with Graham Cousins that took place in the summer of 2011 in a wild garden in Provence […]

God or Gardening – Part 1

An interview with Graham Cousins During a family vacation to Provence in the Summer of 2011, Graham Cousins and I sat down in the shade to talk about gardens and […]

Isca Greenfield-Sanders

Isca Greenfield-Sanders   Recently I interviewed the artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders when she visited Paulson Bott Press to make a new series of prints. You can find that interview here: […]

Jeremy Mende Interview

Visual artist and designer Jeremy Mende recently returned from spending eight months as a fellow in design at the American Academy in Rome. His project “100 Years from Now” was […]

Staying with Art: An interview with Seattle artist Jenny Fillius

I first met Jenny Fillius when she transferred to our high school in 1974. She was the tallest and most stylish student I had ever seen. I couldn’t quite believe […]