Design Postcard

When we got back home after two months away, there was a lot of snail mail. Anything that didn’t look like a real letter or that didn’t have to do […]

Postcard from the East Coast

June 2017 Once again, I flew Virgin across the country. Unfortunately, the Alaska merger appears to have dimmed the disco lighting and indeed the whole enterprise. The airline feels less […]

Postcard from Baltimore: Beauty and Struggle

Baltimore may epitomize America’s arc. Flying high during the booming industrial age and trying to reinvent itself forever afterwards—all at a great human cost. Visiting Baltimore in the middle of […]

Postcard from New York and London

New York New York just before Christmas is the best. It’s cold like winter but not uncomfortable. A little rain, but not too much. By February or March, it’s too […]

Postcard from New York

A New York summer day in the shade on weeks between rainstorms is sweet. Walk on the shady side of the street and you don’t sweat so much. Walking along […]

Postcard from Tucson

The palo verde and other desert plants were in bloom. As we drove up the curves of North Campbell Avenue into the foothills, the landscape obscured the less attractive buildings […]

Postcard from Seattle

We went to Seattle to see Ann Hamilton’s show at the University of Washington’s Henry Art Gallery. Since her art is all encompassing, and it was our first major stop […]

Postcard from Tucson

Tucson remains the strangest of cities. Surrounded by the Sonoran Desert, majestic mountain ranges, pockets of charming neighborhoods, and the most hideous of American boulevards. On this trip, we were […]

Postcard from Nassau

Paradise Lost When you fly over Nassau, just before you land, you see the most spectacular water. Beautifully clear and a tempting assortment of blue and aqua colors. You only […]

Postcard from the UK

Our holiday trip to the UK was cold but beautiful. We mixed a city of earthen tones punctuated by red buses with a countryside full of every shade of green. […]

Postcard from Disneyland

The Facebook photos do not lie. I spent a few days on vacation in Disneyland. It was my pal David’s 50th birthday, and he wanted to show his kids the […]

Postcard from Chicago

Chicago reminds me a little of Seattle. Visit in good weather, and you’re ready to move there. The early autumn varied between “warm” and “light sweater required.” I love the […]

Postcard from Houston

Everybody maligns Houston. I like it. But then, I like Los Angeles, too. Houston reminds me a lot of Los Angeles, but with more humidity, more parking, and slightly less […]

Postcard from New York

Although it takes five modes of transport to get from Fire Island to Manhattan, it only took us three hours. When it works, it works. But as soon as we […]

Postcard from Maine

OgunquitI imagined that this little beach town would resemble Provincetown. Tasteful renovated cottages filled by armies of queer men. The gay flavor is just a dash of Tabasco. It’s mostly […]

Postcard from Roosevelt Island, New York

Freedom & Choice One friend said, “It looks a bit austere.” At first glance, it probably is. But like so many great minimal environments, it asks for patience and generosity. […]

Postcard from Ahmedabad

I did not go to India. And it looks like it will take me a while to get there. So we rely on the kindness of our friends to tell […]

Another Postcard from the Southland

We went down to LA last weekend to see our friend Jessica’s play reading at the Open Fist Theatre in Hollywood. One of the great things about LA is the […]

Postcard from LA

Dan Flavin at Michael Kohn Gallery I spend a lot of time thinking about and planning travel. Many of the trips don’t come to fruition, but my online history (if […]

Postcard from La Jolla

The Scripps LabArchitect: Irving Gill La Jolla Shores BeachThere are few houses right on the beach at La Jolla Shores, just north of the village. They tend to be large […]