New York Diary: Cherry Blossoms and Metal Ribbons

What was dull and grey is gone. The air is cold but not wet, and the sky offers much-needed Vitamin D. We saw puffs of pink and white cherry blossoms […]

Postcard from Palm Springs: Tailfin Modernism

Modernism may have saved Palm Springs. Well, modernism embraced by a lot of gay folk. This turn of events is a victory for those of us queer Baby Boomers who endured […]

Postcard from New York

The 9/11 Memorial The 9/11 Memorial is incomplete. And that may be a good thing. No required video to watch, no precisely scripted experience. There is a long line even […]

Postcard from the Mario Savio Steps at Sproul Plaza

Mario Savio It has been a long time since I saw Sproul Plaza so full of cheering patriots. It was like this when I was in graduate school at Berkeley […]

Postcard from New York

This was the Brooklyn trip. Went out there three times. We got to try some great restaurants, including Franny’s, James, and Prime Meats. But it was either nighttime or snowing […]

Postcard from Oakland

This morning the helicopters stopped hovering. Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant/Occupy Oakland Plaza in front of City Hall was mostly empty. A few tents, maybe a dozen people meeting, a few dozen […]

Postcard from Tucson

Postcard from TucsonSeptember 1, 2010 At lunch yesterday my friend Yosh said that I don’t really write blogs; I write essays and then post them. So, I thought I would […]

Postcard from New York

Our home away from home. West 86th Street. I’ve been to New York twice in two months for industry events. Christmas is always a magical time because of the lights, […]

Postcard from Waikiki

May 19, 2009 Waikiki is sort of like Venice. You are a tourist. No way around it. You are not a native. Instead of gondolas at every turn, there are […]

Postcard from New Jersey

April/May 2009 New Jersey gets a bad rap. Poverty, pollution, (highly) organized crime. There is also great beauty in the landscape. We went out to Glen Rock in Bergen County […]

Postcard from Seattle

When the sun shines, Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. A gentle breeze comes off the water, and everywhere the light reflects upward, like in […]

Postcard from Miami

At first, Miami seems an awful lot like Los Angeles. Hopscotch land development, little public transit, facelifts everywhere, great wealth hiding behind massive gates, and a lot of poverty. In […]

Reflections on Visiting a Hillside of Crosses

All kinds of people from church-goers to gangsta-rappers wear crosses. It’s a powerful and almost universal aesthetic device that pre-dates Christianity by many thousands of years; what began as a […]