Porn Kills Love

Driving down Grand Avenue the other day I saw a billboard that said “Porn Kills Love.” I thought, huh? Was this a new phrase from the people who created “Take […]

Guns In The ‘Hood

We did not grow up with guns. Or maybe I should say, we didn’t think we grew up with guns. I didn’t consider guns much before Columbine. I didn’t think […]

It’s Just So Wrong

When you spend a lot of your life looking at design, you end up feeling sick from time to time. It’s a hazard of the job. Someone told me that […]

I See Connections in the Night Sky Over the Clown Car

Sometimes news stories seem to circle around each other. Or maybe I am just looking to link unrelated stars. Sexual identity and consent have been in the news in all […]

Atonement by 2042?

Charleston is a beautiful city with its own disturbing history when it comes to slavery. You can almost not see it when you walk from excellent restaurant to tea shop […]

Sea Ranch Is 50: Kenneth Caldwell Looks At The History And Future Of The Iconic California Site

This article originally appeared in the The Architect’s Newspaper, May 26, 2015 Studio Visit subject Moore Ruble Yudell is the legacy firm of architectural master Charles Moore, who founded the company more than […]

Architecture for Humanity

“Addressing global humanitarian challenges with architectural solutions.”—Architecture for Humanity website   Architecture for Humanity helped reset the discussion on what architecture actually means in contemporary times. Architecture’s priority should not […]

Going to Church for Charlie

The slaughter of 12 people in or near the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is an attack on the freedom of the press, which is an attack on freedom. It is important that we don’t let it become anti-Islamic fodder for the right wing. It is critical that freedom-loving people stand in solidarity for a free press, for freedom of worship, and for some, freedom from worship.

Best of 2014

Once again it’s time to put up that totally arbitrary list! Best Bow Ties Dap Kitsch This young fellow makes really handsome and reasonably priced bow ties. Found him at […]

A Hero Goes Dark

Sunday, December 21, 2014, was last call for the Berkeley Art Museum. The fan-shaped concrete structure swept this boy off the street and held him for a long time. Mario […]

Part Two: Design Radicals: What Does It Mean Now?

The first part of the interview with Greg Castillo looks at the “Design Radicals” exhibit that he cocurated for the University of California, Berkeley. This second part looks at the […]

Part One: The Design Radicals Exhibit

Modern architecture has its roots in social change. On the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement, which was an important catalyst for social change on campuses in the 1960s, […]

Back to Work: Design Still Gives Me Hope

The return from our three-week holiday in France and the United Kingdom has been more disorienting than usual. First, we had to give up wine at lunch! Then we gave […]

Slowing Alcatraz Down

Alcatraz is full of myths. Some true, some false. The park service has done a good job of underplaying the dramatic potential and introducing some interpretation, but not too much. […]

Google Buses, 8 Washington, One Percent, and Resist!

This post started out as an exploration about recent changes and resistance in the bay area. But now I am finishing it on Valentine’s Day. So, it must be about […]

A Few Random Notes on Prayer and Love

Most of these blog posts have been about design or art, so it’s time for one that’s more about faith. In Los Angeles recently, we had a few folks over […]

Best of 2013

We are off to the UK to see Paul’s family so I thought I would file this before we lift off. Best Historic Memory I am compiling this a few […]

On the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Still Marching towards Liberation courtesy Library of Congress Today is August 28, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Remember, it was called the “March on Washington for Jobs […]

Larry Fournier

Mentor and Friend There have been waves of loss in my life. In young adulthood, many people were taken by AIDS and related disorders. This slackened somewhat when protease inhibitors […]

Best of 2012

I was going to try and write the Best of 2012 blog in chronological order, because then the images on my Facebook diary could guide me. But that didn’t work, […]